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$33,000 to support in this dream that dogs me (MAP 2005), a new dance work by choreographer Karole Armitage in collaboration with composer Annie Gosfield and artist David Salle.

About the Project

Armitage’s new work, in this dream that dogs me, is a work in three movements with live music composed by Annie Gosfield. Contemporary artist and long-time Armitage collaborator, David Salle will design the sets, with costumes by Peter Speliopoulos and lighting by Aaron Copp. in this dream that dogs me utilizes sources as diverse as Asian calligraphy and the South Central Los Angeles street dance known as Krumping. By weaving the intimacy and spontaneity of Asian calligraphy into the geometry of classical dance, Armitage has developed a meandering, sinuous movement vocabulary punctuated by the unbridled force of Krumping’s syncopated, rapid-fire, freestyle form.

Armitage Gone! Dance is an ensemble that strives to revolutionize classical dance with the choreography of Karole Armitage, who pushes the limits of ballet to inspire a philosophical journey of the mind and takes the classical vocabulary and transforms it into a new dance language by re-conceptualizing the geometry and rhythm of traditional steps.

Armitage <EM>Gone! Dance</EM>
Armitage Gone! Dance


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