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$30,000 to support Orpheus X (MAP 2005), a collaboration between Boston-based video artist Denise Marika, director Robert Woodruff and composer Rinde Eckert on a project that explores the Orpheus figure in a modern context.

About the Project

The Orpheus story is one of the most ancient and global myths. Versions of the tale have circulated in Greek, Native American, Japanese, and African cultures for centuries. Next season, the A.R.T. will develop and stage a new riff on the myth that fuses video, music, and movement to explore the plights of the Orpheus and Eurydice figures in the modern world. The project will bring together three of this country’s most provocative artists—the video artist Denise Marika; the composer, writer, and performer Rinde Eckert; and the director Robert Woodruff. The three artists will explore the Orpheus myth from a variety of visual, literary, and historical angles, investigating the tensions between individuals/artists and the institutions/constructs that surround them. The Eurydice figure will be a critical focal point in the piece and an active agent in the undoing of Orpheus’ disastrous project of reclamation.

Denise Marika’s live and recorded video will create a layered underworld designed to engage the audience and actors in the Orpheus myth and its relevance to current political conflict. Projecting moving images into steel I-beams and onto sandpaper and folds of felt, Marika will use a combination of interactive technologies including sensors, sound, built elements, projected images and surveillance cameras.

Orpheus X will premiere at Zero Arrow Street, the A.R.T.’s new 300-seat second stage in Harvard Square.
Rinde Eckert
Rinde Eckert


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