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$30,000 to support The Sleeping Beauty Notebook (MAP 2005), a contemporary examination of the narrative, history, concepts and themes of the 19th Century classic tale.

About the Project

Choreographer Donald Byrd’s The Sleeping Beauty Notebook offers a dream–like vision of beauty, dissected, parsed, and reconfigured. The work draws on contemporary dance theater, burlesque, classical ballet, nineteenth–century pantomime, and psychologically driven characterizations. Asking more questions than it answers, The Sleeping Beauty Notebook challenges the boundaries of beauty as a handmaiden to both feminine innocence and classicism. Here, beauty may be complex, odd, masculine, and of course, tragic.

The Sleeping Beauty Notebook premiered at The Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA in October, 2005.
From <EM>The Sleeping Beauty Notebook.</EM>  Photo by Chris Bennion.
From The Sleeping Beauty Notebook. Photo by Chris Bennion.


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