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$18,200 to support Match-Play (MAP 2005), a highly choreographed original play based on Deborah Hay’s dance The Match, which examines the intersections and divergences of intelligence, consciousness and creativity.

About the Project

Match-Play, a new play by Rude Mechs adapted from Deborah Hay’s BESSIE award winning dance, The Match premiered September 2005 at The Off Center in Austin, Texas. This production further advanced Rude Mechs’ history of adapting the inadaptable and invigorating performance by expanding its parameters. Match-Play was a haunting, sometimes hysterical, always sincere meditation on consciousness, collaging texts from the notebooks of preeminent theatre artist Richard Foreman with Ms. Hay’s written score and original textby Kirk Lynn.

Match-Play hovers between hallucination and insight, mapping the struggle of four lifelong roommates as they try to make room in their lives for a newly sentient being. The result is a tragic-comic coaster ride exploring our cultural need for spectacle, our preoccupation with novelty, and our ability (or inability) to connect the ordinary moments of life with the extraordinariness of living.

From the Rude Mechanicalsí <EM>Match-Play.</EM>
From the Rude Mechanicalsí Match-Play.


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