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$20,000 to support what we when we (MAP 2005), a transformation of writer Raymond Carver’s quintessentially American world into the traditional Japanese Kabuki Su-odori dance by New York-based contemporary choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi and traditional Japanese dance master teacher from Tokyo, Masumi Seyama.

About the Project

Inspired by Raymond Carver’s acclaimed short story, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi and four Japanese dancers translates and transforms stark writings of Carver’s North West Pacific of America to magnificently muted and minimal languages of traditional Japanese Kabuki Su-odori dance. An international collaboration with traditional artist Masumi Seyama VI, master teacher of Kanjyuro Fujima style Japanese dance, what we when we quietly challenges notions regarding cultural authenticity and ownership as well as transgression of traditional art, through rigorous training and conceptual exploration in transcultural experience.
From Yasuko Yokoshi’s <EM>what we when we</EM>
From Yasuko Yokoshi’s what we when we


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