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$33,000 to support a new movement work (MAP 2005) for 14 dancers by Merce Cunningham.

About the Project

Merce Cunningham’s new work will be an evening-length piece. The piece will explore the possibilities of movement for 14 dancers. He will create choreography using chance procedures (dice rolls, etc), the computer program DanceForms, and work in the studio with his dancers. The other artistic elements of the piece: décor, music, lighting, and costumes will change at each venue in which it is performed, while the choreography will remain the same. This format will allow for the dance to be seen in relation to the changing elements. Many of Merce’s dances have elements that are created separately and are not performed together before the opening night. This latest work takes Merce in a new direction, building on his more than fifty years of working to reinvent both form and content in dance. Merce Cunningham Dance Company plans to present the piece at DIA:Beacon as part of our first extended residency project. DIA performances will occur every several months, allowing for a repeat audience to view the choreography amidst various visual art installations. It is also an opportunity for Merce to create a site-specific work over an extended period of time. The new work will be presented in New York City, and touring is planned for cities where the Company has developed strong ties with local audiences. Whenever possible the Company will collaborate with artists who have a connection with the local community for the changing elements of the piece. The work will be available for touring in the 2006-2007 season.
Daniel Squire in Merce Cunningham’s Event (2002).  Photo by Tony Dougherty.
Daniel Squire in Merce Cunningham’s Event (2002). Photo by Tony Dougherty.


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