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$25,000 to support More or Less, Infinity (MAP 2005), the second collaboration between Toulouse-based Compagnie 111 and American director, Phil Soltanoff, and the third part of a trilogy about space, a new work that explores the subject of “line” through acrobatics, martial arts, and object manipulation.

About the Project

More or Less, Infinity represents the second collaboration between Toulouse-based Compagnie 111 (CIE 111) and New York director, Phil Soltanoff. The largest and final part of a trilogy of works, More or Less, Infinity takes the subject of the “line” as its starting point. The line represents a physical constraint that is explored through acrobatics, martial arts and the manipulation of sticks and other objects. As a metaphor, it also explores the ideas of line as lineage, the timeline, and direction.

The first section of the piece will be performed entirely with objects. A system of tracks will allow the 7 cast members and 3 technicians to slide 5-meter sticks across a large proscenium opening. The sticks will break, crawl, fly horizontally or vertically, and vary in speed and size. In the second section, both objects and human figures will define the action. In the final section, the story will be told purely through the human figure in space. Aural accompaniment comes from an original score created by Soltanoff, Aurelien Bory, and Olivier Alenda.

More or Less, Infinity premiered at Theatre Vidy in Lausanne, Switzerland in September 2005. It then travels to The National Theatre of Toulouse (TNT) before the American premiere at NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in November, 2005.
From Phil Soltanoff’s <EM>Lemnation</EM>
From Phil Soltanoff’s Lemnation


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