About the Grant

$25,000 to support a new full-evening performance (MAP 2005) by Eiko & Koma, who will collaborate cross-generationally and cross-culturally with young artists from the Reyum Institute of Arts & Culture (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) and with the Cambodian composer Sam-Ang Sam.

About the Project

Cambodian Stories is a multi-disciplinary collaboration with young artists who study and work at the Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In addition to Eiko & Koma, who will perform alongside their Cambodian artist colleagues, the creative collaborators include composer Sam-Ang Sam.

Through extended Delicious Movement workshops, Eiko & Koma and the Cambodians will slowly begin to discover their common ground, the wellspring of myths and images, fears and passions common to all who evolved from the primal landscape. The work explores the intersection of these lithe, youthful bodies, the Cambodian landscape and the voices past and present that inhabit it.

Cambodian Stories locates itself at the nexus of significant paradoxes. “In its essence,” affirms Eiko, “culture does not recognize national boundaries. But the societies within which arts are created and presented are affected deeply by national identities and economic and political realities. Conversely, art can change these realities. We recognize ourselves as Asian. Within that framework, we intend to re-examine, re-evaluate, and expand our movement and visual aesthetic. We also want to continue our experimentation in modes of performance in diverse communities and settings. This is central to our quest to be accountable in today’s changing world.”
Eiko performing in Cambodia
Eiko performing in Cambodia


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