About the Grant

$25,000 to support a new dance work (MAP 2005) by choreographer Shen Wei.

About the Project

Artistic Director Shen Wei will create a new work inspired his recent trip to Tibet in August 2005.

The new work will be broadly based on the spirituality of the Tibetan culture, people and land itself. In keeping with the importance of a visual component to his choreography, the work will also include a set designed by Shen Wei. Part of the set will include projections of photographs he has taken himself. In addition, Shen Wei intends to interweave text elements, ancient Chinese poetry from the Tang dynasty and quotes from Tibetans he has encountered on his trips, that will be projected and add another visional component to the work. This new piece will also include a score that will be a mix of both eastern and western music.

The project will premiere at the American Dance Festival in July 2006.
Photo Caption:  Choreographer Shen Wei.
Photo Caption: Choreographer Shen Wei.


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