About the Grant

$15,000 to support Sojourn Theater's Witness Our Schools (MAP 2004), a documentary theatre and community dialogue project.

About the Project

Witness Our Schools is a documentary theatre and community dialogue project
about public education in Oregon, created in response to the challenges
facing public schools in Sojourn's home state. Through discussion with
community partners, Sojourn combines the perceived need for a non-partisan,
citizen-engaged conversation about public education and the ensemble¹s
passion for the issue. The project will include civic dialogue and
engagement components at every stage of its creation and performance.
Through the storytelling power of theatre, Witness Our Schools, will provide
Oregon's citizens with a vital opportunity to share their wide-ranging
perspectives on this key issue.

Sojourn's theatrical collaborations with communities use dialogue as a
catalyst for community development and citizen participation. Witness Our
Schools will be devised through a collaborative creative process, involve
citizens in the examination of a critical civic issue, stimulate community
dialogue, connect Sojourn with partner organizations from the community, and
advance Sojourn's goal of artistic innovation. The project will engage
community members and leaders in a search for solutions, and will help give
youth and adult residents a voice in improving their local communities and
the state.

Witness Our Schools will premiere in May 2005.

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