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$20,000 to support Beauty and the Breast (MAP 2005), a new found-object puppetry work by Liebe Wetzel, which will examine breast cancer and the one in eight women who experience it.

About the Project

Beauty and the Breast is a found object theater piece by Liebe Wetzel, commissioned and produced by EXIT Theatre, which examines the difficult decisions faced by women who have breast cancer. As a template, the fairy tale of the beauty and the beast will be explored. The beast is breast cancer and beauty is the heroine. We follow her into the “castle” of the beast which is full of fearful experiences, including removal of a breast.

Both humorous and poignant, the piece will be based on interviews with women who are survivors of breast cancer in various stages from the newly diagnosed to 30-year remission. The play will use a pallet of found object or “ordinary object” puppets – including lace bras, sports bras, a stethoscope, file folders, photographs, surgical tubing, mops, and a cameo by the ice bag. The objects will be brought to life as the ensemble manipulates them to tell the real-life stories of the bodies behind the breasts.

Liebe will be experimenting with taking the objects off of the table as well as using the skin of puppeteer bodies as a landscape for the action of the piece. She will be bringing some of the interviewees into the rehearsal room to help verify the process and make sure their experiences are accurately depicted.

Beauty and the Breast will premiere April 2006 in San Francisco at EXIT Theatre’s DIVAfest, a theater festival dedicated to new plays by women writers.
Liebe Wetzel’s <EM>Beauty and the Breast</EM>
Liebe Wetzel’s Beauty and the Breast


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