The Impact of the Multi-Arts Production Fund from the
Artists' Perspective

In honor of MAP's 20th Anniversary, we commissioned a report that asked artists to describe the impact the program has had on their work, their lives, and conditions in their field. Two hundred fifty-four grantee artists from the past decade responded to an online survey (50% of those invited) and 25 agreed to be interviewed in depth by phone.

The primary purpose of the report is to give voice to the artists whose creativity the MAP Fund exists to support, and to help broaden our ongoing dialogue with grantees, applicants, and members of the field. With that in mind, we are delighted to share with you the important comments and reflections offered by our artist colleagues. If you have comments of your own to share in response, we encourage you to post on our blog, or email them to

The report is structured in three sections.

  • The first section summarizes the artists' views and the author's commentary.

  • The second section contains detailed findings from the survey and interviews, expressed in the artists' voices with as little mediation as possible.

  • The final section contains concluding observations by the author and a summary of artists' concerns that go beyond the design and operation of the MAP Fund.

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